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Over 12,000 illegal properties in the Almanzora Valley

The Minister for Housing and Planning, Josefina Cruz, met with the Mayors of ten municipalities in the Valley of Almanzora in Almeria on Thursday to deliver the results of the Inspection of houses constructed on land not zoned for building in Albánchez, Albox, Arboleas, Cantoria, Fines, Líjar, Lubrín, Oria, Partaloa and Zurgena.

It’s official. There are 12,697 illegal properties in the Almanzora Valley.

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PP Candidate meets with owners of houses threatened by demolition

The PP candidate, Immaculada del Aguila visits the homes of families living without electricity and water in Albox

On Monday February 7, the populist candidate Inmaculada del Aguila visited some of the houses in our town that lack basic services and water, and in many cases are threatened with demolition orders.

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A glimmer of hope for owners of illegal houses

Judge Jesus RiveraA recent judicial decision appears to provide a glimmer of hope for the owners of illegal houses. The Magistrate of Administrative Court No. 3 in Almeria, Judge Jesus Rivera, made a ruling on the 21st of January 2011 in which he rejected the Juntas’ reasons to nullify a licence of first occupation granted by Albox Town council, thus allowing the home-owners to contract water and electricity.

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President of the Andalucian Popular Party, Javier Arenas Pledges Action on Illegal Homes

Javier ArenasThe President of the Andalucian Popular Party (PP), Javier Arenas, met in Almeria on Friday with members of the British collective AUAN (Abusos Urbanísticos Almanzora No), where he pledged action to try to speed up the legalisation of the 300,000 "illegal" homes in the province.

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AUAN to meet with Javier Arenas, regional president of the PP

Javier Arenas - Andalusian President - Partido PopularAubsos Urbanisticos Almanzora No (AUAN), representing the interests of a large number of British families from the Almanzora Valley has asked for a meeting with the regional president of the Partido Popular, Javier Arenas, on the occasion of his visit to the capital city.

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Junta de Andalucia include AUAN in working party

Rosa Aguilar with AUAN spokesperson Pat Sampson and Mike Phillips, vice president.The Junta de Andalucia has agreed to include the AUAN (Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No) in a working party that is to be set up in order to find a solution to illegal housing problem.

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UKIP MEP Andreasen compares Zapatero to Mugabe

The Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, angrily rejected comparisons between Spain and Zimbabwe made by the UKIP MEP, Marta Andreasen in the plenary session of the EU Parliament today.

Ms. Andreasen was again raising the issue of urban abuse in Spain.

Watch the fiery exchange

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Another demolition order set aside

AUAN reports that John and Muriel Burns have confirmed today that the demolition order on their home has been set aside and their case will now be retried.

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Albox demolition order set aside

According to the AUAN, one of the "Albox 8" was the recipient of some good news yesterday when a judge ordered that proceedings to demolish their home should be set aside and the case re-tried. The Juntas' objections were denied.

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Five more homes under possible threat of demolition in Albox

AUAN (Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No) reports that five more British families in Albox are facing the possible demolition of their homes.

The families were given 3 days to appoint a lawyer and a procurator so that they can take part in the proceedings to defend their interests and claim compensation.

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I am ashamed to see what is going on in my country

Spanish national and MEP Marta Andreasen told Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero in the European Parliament today that she was ashamed to see what is going on in Spain in relation to urban abuses.

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Ombudsman meets with the AUAN over demolition orders

The AUAN has met with the Andalucian Defensor Del Pueblo (Ombudsman) in Seville last Friday to discuss the pending demolition orders for 8 homes in the Albox area.

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British Expats are set to march in Almeria

British ex-pats in the South of Spain are organising themselves to strongly oppose eight demolition orders recently issued to British residents in the town of Albox, Almeria.

The AUAN have stated that none of the victims had been informed of the initial proceedings, and indeed the demolition notification has come as a big shock to them. They consider that they were deprived of a proper opportunity to defend the action, and that their human rights have been infringed. The AUAN's legal representatives, and the victim's lawyers, are attempting to mount a legal challenge to the imminent demolitions, together with the support of the Mayor of Albox, who described the demolition orders as an "atrocity".

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Demolition Orders Issued for 8 Houses in Albox

Three British families had a surprise visit from their "Spanish Santas" when the Civil Guard called and presented them with demolition orders on their houses last week. Five other home-owners await the same fate. According to the Mayor of Albox, Jose Garcia, eight demolitions were ordered some time ago by the courts and he has a legal obligation to carry them out.

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Fatal 4 Wheel Drive Accident

One man has died and two others are in a serious condition after their 4 wheel drive went over an embankment in Limaria, near Albox.

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Francisco Granero Granados served with subpoena

Ex-Mayor of Albox, Francisco Granero GranadosThe ex-Mayor of Albox and current spokesman for the Partido Popular, Francisco Granero Granados has been ordered to appear before the courts in Huercal Overa on the 27th of March 2009.

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Luis Caparrós Promises Solution to Illegal Builds in Almanzora

Delegates at meeting to discuss solution to illegal build in the Albox areaMeetings have recently taken place to discuss the illegal build situation in the Almanzora Valley area. The participants included, Luis Caparrós, a delegate from the Housing and Territorial Planing Committee (Vivienda y Ordenación del Territorio), José Ortiz, the director of the General Inspection committee, the Mayors of Albox, Albanchez, Arboleas, Cantoria, Lubrín and Partaloa and a representative from the AUAN (Abusos Urbanísticos del Almanzora No).

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Albox introduces new emergency telephone number for the local police

The Albox Town Hall has just introduced a new shorter telephone number for the Albox Municipality.

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The Mayor of Zurgena and 4 others have been arrested over urban development irregularities.

Civil Guard searches officesYesterday the Civil Guard commenced a major operation named; Operación Costurero (Operation Sewing Box) in the Almanzora Valley area. They carried out searches in the Zurgena Town Hall, and various other offices of architects and land developers in both Zurgena and Albox. The Mayor of Zurgena and 4 others have been arrested.

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Hundreds of Albojeneses attend joint funeral in Albox

Last Sunday saw hundreds of Albojeneses gathering to farewell Juana AC (54 years) who had been fatally shot the day before, by her husband Joaquín J.TO. (61 year), who later committed suicide. The incident occurred in the couple's home in Albox. The bodies had been discovered by the couple's daughter who had called Civil Guard.

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Demonstration Held in Vera, Spain Over Illegal Builds

Helen & Len Prior with Paco Vasquez on the leftA cold grey morning didn't stop over 1000 people turning out to Vera's Plaza Mayor to support the Prior family who, amid much publicity, had their villa in La Loma, Vera, demolished just in early January.

Amongst the speakers were Lenox Napier of Ciudadanos Europeos, Mojacar's vice mayor Angel Medina, Paco Vasquez (Vera Town Planning Councillor), and Helen Prior the owner of the demolished house.

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Demolition of Illegal Homes in Almeria Have Begun

The Junta de Andalusia has begun executing a judicial order which will result in the demolition of 17 illegally built homes, constructed mostly for English senior citizens. The homes were built mainly in rural zones and constructed without the necessary approvals. The first home to be bulldozed was a villa standing on 1 hectare (appx. 2.47 acres) of land in Loma de Vera, Vera. Five more homes in Vera are also to fall and another 11 homes are scheduled for demolition in Albox.

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3 Million Euro Bridge for Albox

Seville's Puente de la BarquetaThe Junta de Andalucia gives green light to new 3 million euro bridge for Albox.

Last Friday - 14th December 2007, Concepción Gutiérrez the counsellor for Transport and Public Works for the Junta de Andalucia signalled the go ahead for Albox's third bridge. The new bridge will span the Rambla de Albox, connecting Avenida de America near La Loma to Calle de Inocencio Arias in Albox.

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Albox to Host Almeria Youth Fair

FAJÚ - Feria Almeriense de la JoventudAlbox will be the headquarters of the 11th Feria Almeriense de la Juventud - FAJÚ. The fair has been organised by the Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud (Andalusian Institute of Youth) in conjunction with youth groups around the Almerian province. It will be held on 15th and 16th of March 2008.

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Marky Ramone Plays Albox Rock

Marky RamoneMarky Ramone will be playing Albox Rock on the opening night of the annual Albox fiesta Feria de los Santos. The concert will take place in the Albox fair grounds on the 31st of October 2007. The following day is a national holiday, so no excuses not to let your hair down.

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