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My name is Katherine Walker, I am an English national and have been resident in Spain for almost half my life. I have six years translation, interpretation, tuition and proofreading experience and specialize in marketing and advertising, particularly websites, and books due to my ability of correctly portraying not only the vocabulary and grammar but also the subtle intonation behind each sentence.

My English and Spanish lessons have also proved very popular due to my entertaining teaching methods (I try to incorporate as many games as possible into each lesson as I believe it helps to learn and actually remember the language), the possibility to receive lessons either at home (subject to location) or online and the competitive cost - I charge 10€ per hour (less for group lessons depending on size).

I am an independent and diligent individual, all of my previous clients have been very impressed with my services and, whenever possible, they have used me repeatedly. Moreover, I have a passion for constantly expanding and improving my knowledge of both the English and Spanish languages and, consequently, am always up to date with the latest terms.

I charge a set amount per translated word which is 0.04€, half the amount for proofreading (0.02€ per word) and 10€ per hour for interpretation which can also take place over the phone if the location is an issue.

Please don't hesitate to contact me and visit my website for further details.

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