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I am a private individual offering the following services to other private individuals and private associations in Albox:

Household chores, for example
-Grocery Shopping*
-Reshuffle furniture

Basic gardening
- Clear flower beds
- Clear growel-paths
- Crop trees and bushes
- Planting and re-potting

- Excercising
- Bathing
- Brushing
- Trimming nails
- Basic obediance training*
- Support behavioural change*

If you are interested, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.
Please explain your needs and wants as precise as you can, feel welcome to ask any questions that you might have, and I will reply to you as soon as I can.
If what you want is what I can provide, then the next step is for us to meet personally.
If both you and I feel comfortable with proceeding, we then agree upon terms for the services you want.

Having an outsider in your home is a delicate matter, as well as being one.
Home is where you are suppose to feel happy and at ease.
It is important to me that we both feel comfortable with eachother.
Therefore, if you for any reason, do not feel comfortable with me or my services, you can always turn me down or terminate our arrangement at any time for your own personal reasons, without you needing to explain yourselve or feeling you risk offending me, and I myself would like to ask you for an equal right to do the same.

I have professional experience from working in other peoples homes, mainly as giver of medical and psychosocial care to elderly and people with disabilities, but also performing common household and gardening services. Please note that I do not drive a car, and that is why I put the star (*) up by "grocery shopping": it is limited to what I can transport by foot or by bicycle, unless you yourself provide car and driver.

I also have professional experience from hygienic cleaning in healthcare facilities, so I am capable of cleaning your home in a safe and hygienic manner.

I am very, very fond of animals, and I have good theoretical and practical knowledge in dogs specifically, their needs and behaviours. I have much personal experience from working with dogs, mainly larger and stronger breeds and with behaviours that causes distress and problems to the owners. I am not a certified dog trainer, that is why I put those two stars (*) up there, but I believe my experience in many cases make me able to help you with your basic obediance training and also, provide perspectives and substantial support for positive change in your dogs behaviour.

I am reliable, respectful, discrete and focused on the service I am there to provide to you, and you are very welcome to contact me for further discussion.

Kind regards, Angelica

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