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Are you aware of the Spanish funeral system? How complicated, quick and expensive it can be? Death is a subject none of us want to talk about, but if you live or spend more than 4 weeks a year living in Spain then this is information you should be aware of.

My job is to advise people about the Spanish system and its implications. The normal routine would be for me to book you a free, no obligation home visit, which lasts around forty minutes, during which I inform you about.

1) The Spanish funeral system, its pit falls, excessive costs, rising funeral costs and possible risks.

2) A little about Avalon as a company, being the largest funeral plan provider across Europe.

3) How a funeral plan works and the various plans available. Dual certification in England and Spain, fixed price for life, Trust fund etc.

4) A personal quotation for the cost of a funeral plan based on information provided by yourselves and Payment method options. One off payment for life or spreading the cost with affordable monthly payments over a fixed term.

5) Questions and answers from yourselves on any matters not covered.

An Avalon funeral plan is not insurance, relieve your loved ones from expensive bills and having to arrange your funeral in a foreign country when the time comes.

If you feel you would benefit from gathering the above information, then please contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment.

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