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Over the years we have helped lots of people who have either bought a house fully furnished and the furniture/household goods were not required or are they are selling a house and need the furniture cleared as the new owners are bringing their own. We also work with numerous estate agents in the region, helping them and their clients with clearances.

There are numerous ways to dispose of the items, one being to sell the furniture yourselves. Whilst this can earn you a little bit of extra cash, the hassle involved in listing every piece of furniture on social media, answering queries and waiting in for people to view the items, can easily take up too much time and outweigh thebenefit of any extra cash.

The service we offer is unique, we will clear all your furniture in one go, yes I mean everything. We do not cherry pick the good pieces and leave the not so good, everything you need cleared we will clear for you.

We also dispose of any broken/unusable items responsibly, using our local town hall recycling sites and dedicated rubbish sites.If this sounds just what you need, please contact us and we can talk through your individual needs and our process in more depth.

We are fully legal and insured to work in Spain.

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