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Neighbourhood Security Discuss neighbourhood security in your area. Please use the appropriate stickies to report suspect vehicles and robberies and break-ins

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Old 2nd May 2009, 06:58 AM
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Default Distraction THEFTS - LADIES BEWARE !

For those that may be unaware, there is an ongoing crime trend where ladies are the target. See further down for local locations.

The offenders method is as follows: A male motorist approaches a lone female motorist (whilst staionary at services, outside supermarket etc) with a map asking for directions. The female is kept distracted, whilst an associate of the first (map) man enters the ladies vehicle and appropriates her handbag (or anything else of value to hand). The man with the map then departs. As the female re-enters her vehicle, the crime then becomes apparent.

The offenders then make use of the short time they have with the stolen goods by usually using credit and debit cards stolen. In addition, "Identity Theft" is one of the most popular crime emerging in recent years. A stolen Passport, Driving Licence and other legal documents are worth a lot of money on the black market collectively. For the victim, Identity Theft can be a nightmare to recover from. In some cases, its easier for the victim to create a new identity than it is to try and get their own back.

The offenders cannot always be working by 'chance opportunity' alone. Its highly suspected that the offenders are using a "spotter", to identify potential victims. The male motorist with the map then does his part. The offenders quickly make off from the area before the victim can take any form of action. This crime trend has the hallmarks of an Organised Criminal Network of some degree.

These offences are being reported from as far down as Mojacar, as near as Arboleas, Huercal-Overa, Murcia and Alicante......and these are just the reported ones!

In Arboleas alone, there has been a significant number of these crimes committed against women alone, as reported in SolTimes last week. A crime "hot-spot" has been identified here as being outside the 'Charter' Supermarket on the diverted A-334. Here, many lone women have been targeted as described above, just as they leave the supermarket and get to their vehicles with their shopping.

The offenders are said to use a dark blue vehicle. It may be that they have use of more than one vehicle, or that the witness's are slightly mistaken with their knowledge of the cars used, as descriptions of the vehicle are as follows: Dark Blue VW Passat, Dark Blue Corsa or similar. The 'Passat type' description is most common however.

The description of the man with the map is as follows:Possibly Eastern European appearance, medium build, clean shaven with dark hair, well dressed and polite, nothing untoward that makes the victim suspicious. Nothing is known of the associate(s) to this man, who is aged somewhere between late 20's to early/mid 30's. He is said to be of tall, slender appearance. I wish there was more detail for you. One witness stated that the offender had a French accent, whereas generally his well spoken english is said to have a East European Accent.

If you should be unfortunate enough to be a victim, there is a good chance that the offenders associate might have had to touch some part of the paint work of your car. This means possible fingerprints. As to whether or not the police will test for this is another matter. Should you be fortunate enough to get the described offender to touch something of yours, that might be paper, say, then this usually acts as an excellent means of gaining fingerprint identification. However, I sincerely hope there are no more victims. I have come across enough whilst just driving around Arboleus looking for a friends house and asking for directions.

The SolTimes published an e-mail address for any victims and/or witness's that may have any information that will assist in the identification and apprehension of these offenders, who to date have been very successful at this crime. Its possible that they may change tactics and that things go quiet for a while, whilst they target other areas in the province. But anyone with information, please contact

I hope this information will prevent further victims, and that justice will be done quickly for those that have been victim to this crime.
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