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babyboomer 28th April 2017 08:43 PM

Latest News from Arboleas Home Watch
With the “holiday” months of May June and July ahead of us. Now is the time to be alert so says Policia Local.
As this is the most likely time when holiday makers are least alert and most likely to suffer crime. To find out more about how to protect your property visit our web site at

Spring & Summer Offer
Free Membership to Arboleas Home Watch
Why join?

-- Arboleas Home Watch is a most successful crime prevention scheme with local police creditting it with reducing crime to the lowest level ever.
-- Getting together with your neighbours to reduce local crime and disorder in the bid to make your neighbourhood a safe and better place to live, work and play.
-- Alerts, advice and guidance is issued to members.
-- Home Watch is a community group whereby the people of an area organise themselves in an effort to help each other. They adopt the thinking “if it affects my street or my neighbour then it affects me”. It is based on simple ideas and values that are shared by many people.
-- Because crime rate is so low many people don't feel the need to join, there are other benefits - join and find out.

To join download application form from
Then contact the lead coordinator via email or call Mark Drew on 671188296. For more information browse our web site at https:\\

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