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El Jefe 15th December 2007 12:13 PM

Report Robberies and Break-ins
Please use this thread ONLY to report robberies and break-ins in your area

When making a report please let people know where you are by stating the nearest well known town:
For example, instead of saying El Chopo say El Chopo (near Arboleas)

To help determine if any pattern is occuring please also state:
Time of day the robbery/break-in occured
Means of entry

The Alguacil 29th December 2007 09:56 PM

Robbery in Alfoquia.
There was a robbery at ' Solar's ' Builders Yard on the evening of the 27th at approx 7.30pm where 10,000 was stolen.

If you were in the area and on reflection you saw something you now consider suspicious report this to your local NW Co-ordinator who will pass the info on to the Guardia.

BillyBob 6th March 2008 09:30 PM

Stolen Vehicle.
A silver TaTa 4 x 4 was stolen from from Llanos del Espino Albox on Sat 1st March Reg N 3115 CMN if spotted inform Guardia or phone owner 616 855 294

sterling 14th June 2008 06:48 PM

Two robberies occured in Canada Honda, Partaloa on Tuesday10th June in the evening between 11.00pm & 2.30am. Property and personal items including money were taken.

bodhisattva 2nd May 2009 05:59 AM

Information about crime ?
Last week, a local free English newspaper listed a e-mail address for people to provide information about suspicious activity and/or crime related information that may assist others, or in actually helping police investigate existing and on-going crimes. The e-mail address is if anyone is interested.

colisace 9th April 2012 04:06 PM

Break in in Albox
Our house was broken into in Albox during March while we were away. Luckily neighbours called police and nothing taken just door damage. New security system now installed for peace of mind.

Albox1933 26th June 2012 09:04 AM

Break in and theft on farm near Partoloa

We have reciently had a break in on our farm which has been left empty for sometime as my father has had a stroke and had to return to the UK.

As the farm is in a remote area, the theves have had plenty of time to help themselves.

Outside doors were smashed in, they managed to remove the grills around the doors.

Furniture, tv, fridge freezer, cooker, washing machine and items from the tool shed were taken.

There is also a caravan on site and theves smashed through the door and went through the place.

This is the second break in the last 2 years.

We are taking steps to make the house and mobile home more secure.

There is nothing left to take now.:mad:

As we employed someone to visit the site, it would appear the theft was recient within the last week 20th - 24th June 2012

Location not mentioned on this thread for security reasons.

Norman Bowles

sterling 13th August 2012 10:15 AM

Water Meter
I have just been informed that out water meter has been stolen:mad:
Why on earth would some take a water meter is beyond me!!
We're near Piedra Amarilla. The only reason the theft was detected was because friends walking their dog noticed that we had 'a moat' around our house and water was gushing out of the pipe. Thankfully it has been turned off.
God knows how long that had been going on:mad:

Haven't a clue as to know what to do when we return there this month :confused:

Wolfie 13th August 2012 12:05 PM

Sorry to hear about that Sterling - we live in Piedra Amarilla and you just can't watch everything all the time. You need to go to the Ayuntamiento in Partloa and tell them about it and they will replace it for you, usually pretty quickly. Could one of your neighbours/friends do this for you so that it's sorted before you come out? You also need to inform the local police.

The Sheriff 14th August 2012 12:25 PM


Unfortunately no matter what you do now with regards to reporting it - you will have to pay for the water used / run away.

The Water Company will only not charge you for water which escaped before delivery to the Meter - and escapes / leaks from the meter and from there to your house you are responsible for the repair and any water lost - so expect a largish bill next time on arrives.

Is / was your meter lying on the ground or was it in a Caja - if it was just in the open I would suggest a Box / Caja for it - lockable - and have a nieghbour unlock it the week the meter reader is due.

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